Week 3 – IG

For my art 110 class at CSULB, our class is assigned to take multiple pictures within the day (2/5/15) about anything. On IG, everyone is able to express themselves and show what they feel are significant moments in their daily lives. Some people take it very seriously, cringing at the thought of posting many pics in one day, while others don’t really see the purpose or fun in it. To me, IG is a way for me to show what people that follow me what I enjoy the most and give a peek into my daily activities.

For me, i got to see what everybody likes to do in their free time, what kind of pictures they like to take, and how artsy or abstract they would like to get with them.

Professor Zucman challenged us this week to look through our pictures, dubbed the art110s15 group selfie, and consider some thought provoking questions. DO you see connections between your own activities and other classmates? Surprises? Does it feel like a community of some sort? Or totally disconnected lives?

It is fun to see how similar I feel to everyone else in my class. I think it would be a stretch to call our group selfie a community though. Although IG is used to connect people, i feel that it does this best when you have already met someone personally and then add them on IG, that way you will get a better glimpse into what they’re into and how they choose to express themselves. Besides that, our group selfie gave me the impression that everyone is very similar and reminded me that we are all in college. Our daily activities revolve around it and the IG posts enforce it. For me, I like animals, so getting to see other peoples pets in their posts was really great.

10946356_789440507815110_1881659831_n 10954708_1013094085385637_61199731_n 10954818_1593897774162961_1994567545_n 925328_281941245263574_1223271332_n


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