Week 8 – Artist Interview – Kezia Fullerton

Kezia Fullerton, working in the Merlino gallery, uses the word IDENTITY as the theme to her artwork. What makes her particular artwork unique is fiber. The first impulse i thought was individual strands, which come together and create fabric. Different fabrics come together and create a piece.

Kezia uses fiber as her form of expression. Her exhibit included nothing but different knitted fabrics. What i loved about it was how abstract and unorthodox, at least to me, that her pieces were. I can go into other people’s exhibits and it will have portraits and paintings, but her exhibit was nothing but knitted work. I conveyed this to her and she agreed with what I was thinking.

Going back to IDENTITY, the theme of her gallery, i asked her what that meant to her and i also tried to connect and tell her what the particular word meant to me. Her gallery consisted of different people, all personal acquaintances and friends. Each work was her interpretation of a particular person. Every detail had meaning, (something which i failed to ask of her, i just had a conversation with her and she showed me her exhibit and i tried to convey what my impulses told me when i saw them). She showed me a particularly large piece, which was for her brother, a very long, narrow quilt, possibly 1.5 ft by 10 ft. The layers were all different shades of brown, which she said related to coffee colors. Her word usage of ‘coffee’ stood out to me because i would not have gotten that on my own, all I noticed was that the piece was possibly the largest physically and that all the colors were different shades of brown.

Kezia said that she was always interested in fabric. When she first started studying art closely in CSULB, a particular teacher told her about a fabric program. We both agreed that it was kind of like a sign or path that opened up to her because of her interest. When asked about IDENTITY, Kezia felt that everyone had their own identity. Building upon that, she also feels that it is easy to focus too much on the physical aspects of someone’s identity, such as in portraits that are very typical in art galleries. She likes fabric because she feels she can express the more abstract aspects of someone’s identity, namely their personality, the emotions, and the feelings that they convey. These aspects are just as much an identity as our physical selves she says.

Finally, something more off topic and ad lib, we talked a little bit about podcasts, it came up because I was currently listening to the Rise and shine podcast. In the podcast, three guys talk about mindset, positivity, and pursuing the things that they enjoy. They get voicemails and messages from those that listen to the podcast, do their own individual research, and collectively come together to just laugh and inspire all at the same time. In one particular cast, they talk about how today, expression has reached a new level because of the internet and that no matter what you are into, there’s going to be other people out there who like the same thing. They talked about knitting, if you’re into knitting, good for you they say, because they think it’s awesome when someone is into something. One goes on to say that he actually bought a knitted iphone case from Etsy. This particular conversation on the podcast stuck out to me, I mentioned it to Kezia, who exclaimed that she actually just began listening to podcasts. She recently took a trip to SF, but because of podcasts, it was a surprisingly enjoyable drive for her. I’ve had the same experience, being from SF, i make the drive up and down from norcal very often.

it’s one thing to have an interview with someone, but it’s another to try and switch things up and have a two way conversation with an artist, something that was much more enjoyable and less rigid for the both of us.


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