week 8 – remix culture – art110 blog theme haiku

For this weeks activity, i decided to do a remix of my classmates blogs. I tried my best to create something coherent when putting together a few of my classmate’s posts together.

death of meditation

garbage band engineer patch

Jairo selfies snowboards

Adam Price, Alayna Grapel, alexdunk, alex, amanda bjornstad, delalunaamber, angelicapalad

Each person had a theme in their most recent blog post, i read their blog post and took the first word that seemed to pop in my head and summarize their entire post.

In Angelica’s post, she did a remix on selfies, so i decided to choose that. In Abby’s post, she posted a picture of herself as if she were dead, so i picked death. in Adam’s post, he wrote about Brianna Allen’s art exhibit and how he joined in a meditation. In Alex’s post about ‘Consumed’, he spoke of the exhibit and how it related to litter around the world and mentioned a ‘garbage patch’. Alexa made a remix of a song through garage band. Amanda interviewed our classmate Maggie, who was planning on majoring in engineering because she is still undeclared. Amber interviewed Jairo, who is studying communication and is in to music. His name was just very cool to me. Andrew had a picture of himself in snowboarding gear in his post and Angelica had a post on selfies.

Although my haiku seems to have no meaning, the context is that of the themes of some of my classmates in art 110, the hardest part was taking what i saw off the top of my head in their posts, and making a haiku out of it. It would be interesting to see how people would take these words and make a more fleshed out poem out of them 🙂


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