week 8 – Student interview with Benjamin Zhou

This week I was approached by Benjamin to be interviewed, we decided to both interview each other. In a way, he showed me the ropes of the class because this is actually the first time that i have shown up to the art galleries, sadly.

Benjamin grew up in West Covina and is currently pursuing a business and finance degree. I told him that i was 25 and a senior standing, compared to him, a freshman. He was a little surprised, but i explained to him that I’m taking the class to fulfill general education requirements. We both liked how the class is unorthodox, it’s not a class where you just sit down, do your work, study for tests, and get out. You get to talk to people (which is kind of like the work or assignments) which provides a different form of mental stimulation, something that i personally feel is very fulfilling and worthwhile

His hobbies include skateboarding, basketball, and video games. For him, he particularly enjoys playing league of legends, a competitive five versus five teamwork game. We both had pretty much the same interests, which was really cool.

Art that he has been exposed to was extracurricular art classes when he was younger and introduction to art classes in middle and high school. This included water coloring. His reason for choosing to be in visual arts class, like me, was for the general education requirement, but also because visual art seemed like a different, yet interesting class, which we both agree has been to be the case.


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