wk 9 – Student Interview with Zack Kim

This week i got the chance to talk to Zack Kim, a freshman whose attitude reminded me alot of my own when i was his age. Realize that I am 25 while my friend Zack is likely only 18 or 19.

To him, he said art didn’t really interest him much. Understandable, when i was 19, i didnt really have a reaction towards art, it was just one of those things that people that were really good at drawing could do. I couldn’t really draw and i enjoyed drawing straight lines in drafting class or in my math classes. Art just seemed to be one of those things that if i didnt think i was good at it and i wouldn’t be able to make a career of it, why bother paying attention to it at all.

But believe it or not, although he isn’t into art one bit, but he does play instruments and does a bit of singing. His mother has experience in singing classical. He told me that he picked up the guitar on his own recently and he has been working on his range with a singing instructor. This is really cool because he said to his mom that he wanted to improve his range. I also had thoughts about wanting to improve my range, especially because i basically have no skill with my voice and feel really limited. Improving my singing is something on my bucket list. But as for Zack, to him, visual art is not something important to him, music is a large part of his life, considering the influence that his mother has on him.

Zack was raised in Davis, CA and then moved to Southern California in the 2nd grade. We talked a little bit about how we both had to move from place to place when we were younger. I moved from a school i thought i would graduate from in 8th grade to a whole other school, something that was unexpected and took alot to adjust to. Him being Korean, we talked about the culture alot. I was able to talk quite a bit about it cause alot of my friends are Korean.


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