week 9 – Engineering and Architecture – Cognitive map

This week, for our assignment i drew a cognitive map of my school. In order for it to be cognitive I did it only one time to keep it as authentic as possible. What i soon realized was that i had drawn the garage way too big. This affected the rest of my layout because of the way i oriented my drawing. This is the only constraint and it was a huge one.

I started with the garage first (the one next to the wellness center) first because that is almost always where i usually end up. This then lead to me thinking of the wellness center, a place i always pass by and i remember notably the three basketball courts next to each other and the indoor track inside of it.

I drew the outside parking lot and the pyramid which was next to it. I then began a path which lead all the way up to upper campus, ending at the library and also our art 110 class. Sometimes the size mattered, other times it was because there was no more space.

The funny thing about this map is that i skip alot of places that didnt seem very significant to me. Another thing is because of the size constraint and the mistake of drawing such a large garage, it completely re orientated the actual school.


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