Week 10 – Artist Interview with Dawn Ertl

This week we got the chance to meet Dawn Ertl! This exhibit is her  thesis as she is about to graduate this semester, just like me. Her two main art pieces were “One Nation Under God” and “Short term vs. Long term Relationships”. Both of her pieces were hanging from the roof of the art galleries. They were huge and it certainly took a lot of time. She included music as a part of her exhibit, which i thought was really interesting because it gave me another thing for me to think about as i took in the exhibits.

One thing i really liked about Dawn’s process of producing her art pieces was that she used Sketchup. Sketchup is a google application that allows people to draw on the computer. I love it because it is really convenient and is moderately easy to pick up. AutoCAD takes alot of time to learn. Our professor knows this also, as he explained in his story when he drew stage sets for his job as he did it. (I thought it was a great read).

But going back to Dawn’s work, she focuses on environmental impact and climate change. She thinks about America as a whole and how we impact the climate. This is very important to her because in her art piece “One Nation Under God”, she weaves plastic bags and scraps into the work. She talks about how plastic, although recycling is regulated in the US, plastic bags and scraps will get sent to India, where there are no regulations for it. Because of this, the plastic gets burned into resin and the fumes get absorbed into the atmosphere.

She uses her art to tell people that they should consider their relationship to other people and the planet. Having a certain attitude will have a relative impact. This makes sense to me because if i don’t care about certain things such as the environment for example, then i will be more likely to litter. In the past, i noticed that before i didn’t care about throwing things in the trash too much and my friend got kind of upset and called me a litterbug. At the time, i was surprised, but now i try to clean up after myself better.


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