week 10 – Student interview with Kyler Victorio

Today, i got the opportunity to talk with Kyler. He is a freshman and it is his second semester at CSULB.  All of the art this week was very abstract and included alot of sculpting. We saw Dawn Ertl’s work, which consisted of weather, the environment, climate, and people’s (specifically our nation in particular)  attitude towards it.

One mutual feeling we had regarding the art was that plaster is a peculiar material to work with. It gave the art life because it creates three dimensional shapes that will seem to jump out at you and seem alive. At the same time, it gave a strange vibe because although the art was three dimensional, the context of the objects were ‘trippy’ and abstract. The pale colors that plaster gave off made the artwork have an almost grim vibe to it.

We both agreed that the group sculpture exhibit gave a peculiar feeling. It actually made me feel uncomfortable, but i leaned into the art from a mental perspective in order to get a better grasp of what it was saying to me. As a whole, there was so many different art pieces and things going on in the room that it made it awfully difficult to focus on one particular piece. Off the top of my head though, there was a plaster of paris lightbulb on the floor that Kyler noticed. I didn’t see it until he mentioned it. It was purposely placed underneath a a cutout section of wall, which really got us thinking of ideas and brainstorming, we were focused more on what we felt when we saw this, rather than thinking of what the artist was trying to say.

cast of Parks and Rec, a popular tv show

But i digress, Kyler grew up in Long Beach and works for the Long Beach Parks and Recreation department. This stood out to me because it instantly reminded me of the show Parks and Rec. Just like me, Kyler watches the show also. Kyler is currently studying biology. I did not get the chance to ask him if he intended to pursue a medical career, in my experience people that take bio will take that route, as opposed to research i assume.

Asking him what he liked to do, he said that he enjoys hanging out with friends. I told him that i enjoy doing the same thing, i also mentioned that i am always looking for new things to do as hobbies. Hobbies to me, are things that i enjoy doing, the more time i spend doing it, it takes on a life of its own and becomes a serious passion. Asking Kyler what he considers is a serious passion, he agrees that he is looking for something similar, his studies and his part time job would be it for now. I say for now because finding something you like doing can sometimes be hard, there’s so many things that can and will stop us from doing it or sticking to it.

Kyler called these things setbacks. We both agreed that money is always an obstacle when it comes to picking up new hobbies and sticking with it. For example, if i wanted to get into golf, I would have to pay for lessons and pay for golf clubs. Everyone is living on some kind of budget and this is one of the first obstacles that occur when it comes to enjoying new pursuits.

When asked about the class, Kyler mentioned that art was cool, its something different to be able to get credit and earn a grade by learning to appreciate art. The whole dynamic of learning through speaking and listening with others is something extremely underrated in my experience and Kyler and i both enjoy this alot about the class.


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