Week 11 – Plaster Casting

Today, i got the opportunity to try out some plaster casting. I made my way to Corona beach in Corona Del Mar. It was my first time there and the weather was pretty much perfect. The beach was crowded and there was a sense of dread. The beach was so busy and I felt slightly anxious as to where i was going to do my casting. I didn’t want to be in the middle of everything with my shovel and giant Home Depot bucket, attracting too much attention.
512Here was my setup. A few stir sticks, a home depot bucket, and a milk carton worth of plaster of paris. I do have to mention one thing though, I totally messed up the parts when mixing. Instead of doing two parts plaster and one part water, i did the exact opposite. Two parts water, one part plaster. This completely ruined my mold.

Check out that liquid puddle…

I didn’t think twice about the portions i needed to do. But after pouring the entire contents into the bucket and stirring for about 5 minutes, I knew something was wrong. Mind you, I had already dug a hole, had wet sand, and had created my foot mold.  There was no turning back though, as much as i wanted to simply walk away and try again another time. I proceeded to pour the liquid water into the hole, disappointed.


Turns out i was able to salvage something from the mold, if you pressed hard enough on the cast with your finger, for sure it would break away in a soggy fashion, it was not even brittle because there was so much water. But i like how the water seemed to reach deeper into the heel and toe portion of my mold, it ended up looking like a high heel.

houses on the cliff of Corona beach!

Overall, it was an interesting and fun experience. One girl walked up to me and asked what i was doing. I told her what i was doing and she thought it was cool and different, she just was wondering at first because she saw stir sticks and saw me digging, she said she thought i was trying to make a fire or something. That was cool of her to come up to me and ask, it took relaxed my nerves doing something so odd by myself. It would’ve been nice to hang out with the classmates at the beach with the teacher, but had to resort to doing it on my own because of my schedule.

panorama of the Corona Beach using the iphone 6

Glad i’ll have a shovel for the next time i hit up the beach though!


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