Week 12 – Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

Today, I got the opportunity to experience and witness Mr. Eppinga’s work. I loved how life size and fully fleshed out the artwork was. My first impression was just “How was this even made?” because it looked so refined and clean so to say. IMG_0578Although I do not remember this piece’s name. Eppinga talked about how it came to be. He came across an extra piece of clay and it just had a surfboard shape to it, it’s different from his other pieces because it’s just tiny compared to the rest of his work. He said that it did have a shape of a female figure. He put it on a relatively large base, which I thought gave it alot of depth and foundation. Eppinga mentioned Alberto Giacometti.

639089364_7029f938dbGiacometti was a swiss sculptor whose work was known for creating tall, skinny sculptures of people (usually) and put them on a solid base, kind of like a pedestal at times. Eppinga drew inspiration from this Swiss sculptors style when creating the piece above.

The cool thing about Eppinga’s exhibit and his presentations were the fact that he knew exactly why he did things the way he did with his ceramics pieces. He would note alot of details that most people wouldn’t immediately recognize. For example, he explained how one of his pieces, which had a ceramic urn on the head, represented the loved ones that the woman had to bury. He also pointed out her facial features, which represented happiness and sadness.

IMG_0569One thing that was noticeable in alot of his work was the use of women. He mentioned how they represented sexual symbols, not with a negative connotation, he actually felt that our society should be less patriarchal and pay more respect to women. Alot of his work mentioned the fertility of women, how they should be naturally comforting figures and he tried to show that in his work.


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