Week 12 – Student Interview – Jasmine Barnum

I got the chance to have a little chat with my friend Jasmine this week. Right now, she is a second year student and is studying to become a occupational therapist. Currently, she works at Creamistry in Cerritos.

Creamistry-Cerritos-RestaurAlthough I haven’t been there yet, it looks amazing. Just writing about it makes me want some ice cream. The thing that makes Creamistry different from your regular ice cream shop is the ice cream is made cold with nitrogen. This method actually quick freezes dairy, turning it to ice cream in a matter of a minute. The added effect is that it is even creamier than your old fashioned ice cream!

Enough about ice cream though, Jasmine is currently working about 30 to 35 hours a week at Creamistry and she is also taking about 16 units in school right now. What a busy life! Recently, she moved out of her grandparents place and is now living with her sister and her fiance. One of her favorite go to foods is carne asada fries and she loves to go hiking and exploring. She even mentioned a bunch of hiking spots that i could go to! Here is a picture of Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach.



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