Week 13 – Student Interview – Jacob MacMaster

Today i got to talk to a good friend Jacob. He’s 23 years old and grew up in Fresno. We compared growing up in Norcal to Fresno and there is certainly a big difference. His high school was right next to the middle school that he went to; because of this, he got to know the same 1,200 people for the next 6 to 7 years. To me, this is crazy, because in my high school, my graduating class consisted of about 300 students.

Concerning Art, we talked about how we really enjoyed the exhibits and how as we grew up a little bit, art began to make more sense for us. We respect art more, not just because of the class, but because we thought about how we were when we first got into college and we just both assumed that we probably wouldn’t give art much thought or care for it at all. But now that we have grown up a little, we both realized that art is hard work and just another form of expressing individual ideas in various forms. Honestly, how can you not respect that?

Jacob is currently studying Biology at school and he is expected to graduate in Fall 2016. Before he began studying Biology, he went to EMT school (paramedic school) and began going to PA school (physician assistant). With his biology degree, Jacob is hoping to get into Dentistry. I thought this was really cool because he jumped between a few things and right now he is settling on Dentistry. Asking him about plan B’s in case his career plan doesn’t work out, he was stumped for a second. I only asked about other options because i think it is always important to consider other paths so to say. Sticking to one path or plan is great, but in my opinion, things do not always go as planned.

After giving it some thought, Jacob mentioned the possibility of returning to PA school or even getting into Law. He mentions that his fiance’s dad owns a law firm and the option to pursue law with a biology degree is actually not a bad option once thinking about it. Did i mention that he is engaged? It was awesome to hear that because its almost unconventional nowadays to be engaged at a younger age. Surprisingly, his girlfriend is also taking the art 110 class! I did not get a chance to meet her or even get her name unfortunately.

Things that Jacob likes to do in his free time are video games and snowboarding. He seemed really into snowboarding and it even made me want to try snowboarding too. He began snowboarding at Snow Summit but now often goes to Big Bear. Video games that he likes to play include Destiny and Battlefield on the Xbox 1. It was really cool to talk to Jacob about video games. He mentioned how i was the first person to mention video games as something they like to do in their free time and that meant alot to me. Jacob, Ben Zhou, and i got a chance to talk about all the video games that we like playing. This turned into a super genuine moment that i really liked. Although these assignments are considered interviews, it honestly felt more like just a few friends that got to talk to each other about similar hobbies and just hang out.


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