Week 14 – Student Interview – Lizbeth Rangel

Today, i got the chance to talk to Lizbeth Rangel! Right now, she is a freshman studying Interior Design. Before she chose to study Interior Design she was a Biology major. This seemed to match more with what she participated in in high school. She went to Southgate High and was in Leadership for the Health and Science academy. Not just that, but she did dance for a year while in high school!

In her valuable free time, Lizbeth likes to hike, go to the gym, and hang out with all her friends. Since everyone likes to travel, I asked her where she has been. She has traveled to Mexico and to a few places in state as well as out of state. She has visited Colorado and when she was much younger, she visited my hometown, San Francisco. One thing she distinctly remembers was how crowded and popular the Golden Gate bridge was.

Southgate is in Los Angeles and right now she is still living in LA. She mentioned how she doesn’t like commuting to and from LA and it took awhile to adjust to it. I agreed with her, who actually likes the commute?! As a civil engineer, one of our priorities is to try and solve this problem. Over time, the traffic problem will only become worse due to population increase and just the fact that almost everyone relies on vehicles as their mode of transportation. In the near future Lizbeth wants to move out so she doesn’t have to deal with insane amounts of traffic daily.


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