Week 15 – Artist Interview – Elia Murray

Today, the students got a chance to talk to Elia Murray, which was pretty funny to start off. Murray was surprised that so many people were interested in talking to her, let alone interviewing her. This was a new and unique experience for her. I think everyone had a good time getting a chance to her her story.

For her, both her parents are artists. She has been drawing and creating artwork since a young child, but like alot of other people, she realized her skills and took it much more seriously as she got into high school. Heading into college, she had thoughts about pursuing an English major. I thought this was super cool because she does like to write short stories also. But her mother was actually insistent on her pursuing an art major, she actually wouldn’t allow her to take an English major.

She has a small series of photos where she does a very playful drawing of people’s pet dogs. She even has done super sculpting of people’s pets, which i found amazing. She even said that she is hoping to do something over the summer where she creates art and sells it, specifically art of people’s dogs. I thought this was a good idea, i even asked for her contact info because i want to do the same for my dog!

Super sculpted pets!
Hilariously cute dog portaits!

Besides her super sculpting, she also has needle felt sculptures, which were made with yarn and the process of creating it involved repeatedly poking it with sharp objects, they were certainly softer looking than the clay like sculptures she had, both sets of sculptures looked really cool, it is a shame i didn’t get to ask how long they took. The super sculptures looked like she didn’t even make them because they looked so great, it seemed like they were almost manufactured by Disney or something.

This was great because her long term goal is to become a character designer. Right now, she interns at Stupid Buddy Studios in Burbank, CA doing character fabrication for a show called Robot Chicken, which is a late night show on Cartoon Network that is popular for it’s adult humor. Their characters are literally come in many forms such as dolls, clay, and also animated by drawing and sculpting.


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