Week 15 – Student Interview – Janelle Reyes

This week I interviewed Janelle Reyes. She is currently a freshman and studying Accounting. Before she settled on Accounting, she was a nursing major. As a fellow Filipino, its almost characteristic for us to consider the nursing profession. It is an honorable profession where lives can be saved directly, but also is very difficult and not everyone can or is willing to do it. She switched to Accounting because she no longer saw herself becoming a nurse. This is understandable, i think the nursing profession requires a certain amount of time being sacrificed, so her making the decision not to continue is very commendable and i respect it. Janelle is from Norcal, Fremont specifically. She chose to go to CSULB because of the nursing program. Although she is no longer majoring in nursing, she does not regret coming down to Long Beach because she absolutely loves it here.

Janelle is a grad from Fremont high school. She was in the marching band for her four years in high school and played the trombone. For me personally, i had the opportunity to play the saxophone, but didn’t pursue it outside of elementary school. Aside from the marching band, she was also in the History club. She loves history, but prefers majoring in Accounting. Asking Janelle about dorming, she said that it has been a great experience for her. She made lots of friends and a boyfriend. She also love it because people down here are much more outgoing then up in north California. Personally, i think that is just the circumstance. Everyone will become even more outgoing after moving out of the house, kind of like growing up and becoming more mature.

Janelle is a huge fan of travelling, when she was in her history club, her group was able to fund raise around 2,000 dollars to go to France, Italy, and Switzerland. It was and 11 day trip, 12 people from her school went, while around 30 people joined them, who were from New York, which sounded like it was an awesome experience.


Week 14 – Student Interview – Lizbeth Rangel

Today, i got the chance to talk to Lizbeth Rangel! Right now, she is a freshman studying Interior Design. Before she chose to study Interior Design she was a Biology major. This seemed to match more with what she participated in in high school. She went to Southgate High and was in Leadership for the Health and Science academy. Not just that, but she did dance for a year while in high school!

In her valuable free time, Lizbeth likes to hike, go to the gym, and hang out with all her friends. Since everyone likes to travel, I asked her where she has been. She has traveled to Mexico and to a few places in state as well as out of state. She has visited Colorado and when she was much younger, she visited my hometown, San Francisco. One thing she distinctly remembers was how crowded and popular the Golden Gate bridge was.

Southgate is in Los Angeles and right now she is still living in LA. She mentioned how she doesn’t like commuting to and from LA and it took awhile to adjust to it. I agreed with her, who actually likes the commute?! As a civil engineer, one of our priorities is to try and solve this problem. Over time, the traffic problem will only become worse due to population increase and just the fact that almost everyone relies on vehicles as their mode of transportation. In the near future Lizbeth wants to move out so she doesn’t have to deal with insane amounts of traffic daily.

Week 14 – Artist Interview – Yireh Elaine Kwak

Today, i got the opportunity to experience a very unique art gallery. There was an abundance of impressive and intricate artwork on display. One particular art piece stood out and by some luck the artist was there to share her ideas with us. Elaine Kwak is one of the fifteen artists who had artwork in the gallery. The name of the art exhibit was Liminal. The word is an adjective and it describes a transition. For Kwak herself and the rest of her classmates, this is their last gallery as undergrads at CSULB, so for them, it is a bittersweet transition.

They have known each other for three years and in turn have experienced alot together as friends and colleagues in the art major. Other students, as well as myself, understand this feeling also. Since I am about to graduate this semester, i think of all the experiences and friends that i made at CSULB in the civil engineering department. My classmates and I see each other every other day at least and take the same classes; we all shared the same experiences and struggles.

This is parallel to Elaine Kwak and her peers. Their artistic style has been influenced by each other and they all grew together in an artistic sense as well as people. They would work on their pieces and critique each other, sharing different perspectives and without question that has had an effect on their style.

Regarding Kwak’s show piece, she did an oil painting of a landscape. It includes multiple colors and has an untamed garden in the foreground as well as a mountain landscape in the background, which gives it a nice contrast. Another thing that i liked was a secondary layer of the foreground; which includes a staircase and a walking path, producing another contrast of colors between the garden and the rest of the painting.

As far as the process goes in creating her art piece and just for her work in general, she likes to first look at a landscape that is fitting and then proceed to sketch it through direct observation. She takes the canvas on site and draws it out. She keeps her drawing loose, the charcoal lines and shading is suggestive because she will then take it to the studio to paint it. This is important because then she will paint the piece using her memory and add in what she likes. In this regard, she feels that she can create a landscape but still give it that abstract perspective. She likes doing this part by memory because she feels memory is a powerful tool to help create and inspire ideas.

Week 10 – Artist Interview with Dawn Ertl

This week we got the chance to meet Dawn Ertl! This exhibit is her  thesis as she is about to graduate this semester, just like me. Her two main art pieces were “One Nation Under God” and “Short term vs. Long term Relationships”. Both of her pieces were hanging from the roof of the art galleries. They were huge and it certainly took a lot of time. She included music as a part of her exhibit, which i thought was really interesting because it gave me another thing for me to think about as i took in the exhibits.

One thing i really liked about Dawn’s process of producing her art pieces was that she used Sketchup. Sketchup is a google application that allows people to draw on the computer. I love it because it is really convenient and is moderately easy to pick up. AutoCAD takes alot of time to learn. Our professor knows this also, as he explained in his story when he drew stage sets for his job as he did it. (I thought it was a great read).

But going back to Dawn’s work, she focuses on environmental impact and climate change. She thinks about America as a whole and how we impact the climate. This is very important to her because in her art piece “One Nation Under God”, she weaves plastic bags and scraps into the work. She talks about how plastic, although recycling is regulated in the US, plastic bags and scraps will get sent to India, where there are no regulations for it. Because of this, the plastic gets burned into resin and the fumes get absorbed into the atmosphere.

She uses her art to tell people that they should consider their relationship to other people and the planet. Having a certain attitude will have a relative impact. This makes sense to me because if i don’t care about certain things such as the environment for example, then i will be more likely to litter. In the past, i noticed that before i didn’t care about throwing things in the trash too much and my friend got kind of upset and called me a litterbug. At the time, i was surprised, but now i try to clean up after myself better.

week 9 – Engineering and Architecture – Cognitive map

This week, for our assignment i drew a cognitive map of my school. In order for it to be cognitive I did it only one time to keep it as authentic as possible. What i soon realized was that i had drawn the garage way too big. This affected the rest of my layout because of the way i oriented my drawing. This is the only constraint and it was a huge one.

I started with the garage first (the one next to the wellness center) first because that is almost always where i usually end up. This then lead to me thinking of the wellness center, a place i always pass by and i remember notably the three basketball courts next to each other and the indoor track inside of it.

I drew the outside parking lot and the pyramid which was next to it. I then began a path which lead all the way up to upper campus, ending at the library and also our art 110 class. Sometimes the size mattered, other times it was because there was no more space.

The funny thing about this map is that i skip alot of places that didnt seem very significant to me. Another thing is because of the size constraint and the mistake of drawing such a large garage, it completely re orientated the actual school.

wk 9 – Student Interview with Zack Kim

This week i got the chance to talk to Zack Kim, a freshman whose attitude reminded me alot of my own when i was his age. Realize that I am 25 while my friend Zack is likely only 18 or 19.

To him, he said art didn’t really interest him much. Understandable, when i was 19, i didnt really have a reaction towards art, it was just one of those things that people that were really good at drawing could do. I couldn’t really draw and i enjoyed drawing straight lines in drafting class or in my math classes. Art just seemed to be one of those things that if i didnt think i was good at it and i wouldn’t be able to make a career of it, why bother paying attention to it at all.

But believe it or not, although he isn’t into art one bit, but he does play instruments and does a bit of singing. His mother has experience in singing classical. He told me that he picked up the guitar on his own recently and he has been working on his range with a singing instructor. This is really cool because he said to his mom that he wanted to improve his range. I also had thoughts about wanting to improve my range, especially because i basically have no skill with my voice and feel really limited. Improving my singing is something on my bucket list. But as for Zack, to him, visual art is not something important to him, music is a large part of his life, considering the influence that his mother has on him.

Zack was raised in Davis, CA and then moved to Southern California in the 2nd grade. We talked a little bit about how we both had to move from place to place when we were younger. I moved from a school i thought i would graduate from in 8th grade to a whole other school, something that was unexpected and took alot to adjust to. Him being Korean, we talked about the culture alot. I was able to talk quite a bit about it cause alot of my friends are Korean.

week 8 – remix culture – art110 blog theme haiku

For this weeks activity, i decided to do a remix of my classmates blogs. I tried my best to create something coherent when putting together a few of my classmate’s posts together.

death of meditation

garbage band engineer patch

Jairo selfies snowboards

Adam Price, Alayna Grapel, alexdunk, alex, amanda bjornstad, delalunaamber, angelicapalad

Each person had a theme in their most recent blog post, i read their blog post and took the first word that seemed to pop in my head and summarize their entire post.

In Angelica’s post, she did a remix on selfies, so i decided to choose that. In Abby’s post, she posted a picture of herself as if she were dead, so i picked death. in Adam’s post, he wrote about Brianna Allen’s art exhibit and how he joined in a meditation. In Alex’s post about ‘Consumed’, he spoke of the exhibit and how it related to litter around the world and mentioned a ‘garbage patch’. Alexa made a remix of a song through garage band. Amanda interviewed our classmate Maggie, who was planning on majoring in engineering because she is still undeclared. Amber interviewed Jairo, who is studying communication and is in to music. His name was just very cool to me. Andrew had a picture of himself in snowboarding gear in his post and Angelica had a post on selfies.

Although my haiku seems to have no meaning, the context is that of the themes of some of my classmates in art 110, the hardest part was taking what i saw off the top of my head in their posts, and making a haiku out of it. It would be interesting to see how people would take these words and make a more fleshed out poem out of them 🙂